After 20 years of using Yahoo Pager and Messenger, I, like many others, read the message from Yahoo that the service will no longer be supported. I joined many Yahoo groups over the years and they have inspired me to go off and create my own blogs. Without Yahoo I wouldn’t be doing this. It is sad that they have given up on the idea of a decent messenger, since they were one of the originals. This new ‘Squirrel’ service is for GROUP chats and really isn’t for me.


I have many great Yahoo Messenger contacts that I have stayed in touch with over the years. My question to you out there, is this. What is the best (most popular) alternative to YM? I don’t want to use FB or WhatsApp as I use those for personal stuff. I don’t want to have to hand out my phone number either. Can anyone suggest something good?

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  1. Discord is the best alternative. It's a chat group with image hosting capabilities. Very user friendly too =D

  2. Yahoo sabotaged itself years ago, it's been a shadow of it's former self since it changed how Groups work.


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