Hard to believe this blog was started 5 years ago. I am grateful to the support I have had from fans of my work. Although I have had less and less time to spend on my capping I do hope to continue for the foreseeable future. I am always open to suggestions, but add that you shouldn't be disappointed if I don't follow through with something you have come up with. A lot of work goes into finding the right images and suitable stories (as fellow cappers will know). I'm not one for churning stuff out, but I hope that you enjoy what I have been doing over the years. Once again thank you for visiting and happy birthday Dr Destruct's Dark Depths.

-Chris aka Dr Destruct

Birthday cake was ruined by Alan, who stuck his finger in the Elixer laced goodness.


  1. Its always great to read your posts. happy anniversary.

  2. Love your possession caps, best i've ever seen, and consistent great quality. Hope to see more soon =D


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