BIG BROTHER By Dr Destruct
My step brother is always teasing me that I can't get a girlfriend. Says I'm too big and dumb.The scrawny little shit is lucky I don't punch the crap out of him. My dad is finally happy after years of being single and is devoted to his mother and that's the only reason I am keeping my hands to myself. At least that was the case, until I found out his dirty little secret. Turns out he's into this stuff called Elixer. You see, last week I was looking for the TV remote. The little bastard has been known to steal it and hide it in his room. I barged in expecting him to be playing on his XBox but instead he was rolling around on the floor. He was gasping and groaning and shaking all over. But as I moved over to help him he rolled over onto his stomach. He looked up and gave me a look of terror. "Get out!" he yelled. "Get the fuck out of!" his voice croaking on the last sentence. Something was happening though, his body appeared to be changing. I looked over and his shorts seemed to slip off, silky skin stretching as his ass cheeks filled out, becoming shapely. His hair was much longer and blonder. He pushed himself up a little as his back arched, I hadn't noticed, but how could I have missed those amazing tits squeezing together. His androgynous face grew pretty. A smirk appeared on luscious lips. "MMM. You can't get any girl interested in you big're too big and dumb...lucky for you that's just what I'm into. Now come over here and let me see just how big you are!" Well now I find it difficult to keep my hands to myself...