Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Ronnie lay staring at his new cellmate. Although this was a holding cell he'd been placed there for 2 months already. He'd been alone until this morning. Ronnie was white, quite muscular with a shaved head and plenty of tattoos. This new guy, Dr Tobias, was a skinny black guy with glasses and a vocabulary to rival any scholar. He didn't say much, which annoyed Ronnie, as he liked to strike fear into people and control them and wasn't getting a reaction from this guy. But now, as the moon was rising and shafts of light blasted through the gaps between the window bars, his new roomie was just leaning against the wall. "Listen buddy, you need to learn who's in charge. There's a pecking order!" yelled Ronnie. But Tobias ignored the comments, standing topless and his eyes were closed. The doctor's head slumped down for a moment causing his glasses to slip off his face. Beads of sweat glistened in the cool moonlight. He leaned back, shivering and twitching. Thick strands of black hair sprawling from his head, face morphing into a feminine one, luscious lips smacking together as he moans. The moonlight reflecting off his dark supple flesh as it crawls and bubbles, reshaping before Ronnie's eyes. Ronnie couldn't quite make out everything with his eyes, but he could hear cracking and squelching sounds as Tobias shifted position a little. Make-up shimmered onto his face and earrings appeared on his lobes. Ronnie's eyes were on stalks when he saw the doctors nipples bulge and swell from behind. Breathing deeply, two mounds of flesh round up to form massive breasts. Turning to Ronnie with a hungry look in her eyes Trissa is about to show him who is in charge.

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