As usual Gary headed over to the professor's house to grab a shower after football practice. The professor lived next door to the college. The professor wanted his help with some experiments and paid well, so Gary didn't mind helping out. Of course he didn't realise that the chemicals pumping out of the showerhead were quickly transforming his entire physiology. As the 'water' ran over his skin it began to morph and stretch. His muscular male body shrinking and losing definition, his hair lengthening. A curvy figure growing from this jock's original frame.  The professor zoomed in on his hidden camera to see the final stages of the transformation. His favourite part. Two massive breasts ballooned out from Gary's chest. Gabby was here and much more intelligent than Gary. Although Gary was clueless, Gabby winked to the camera and gave the professor a little show. She was much more useful to the professor. MUCH more useful, performing extra duties with pleasure (or is that in pleasure?).