STAR TREK: Operation Propagate

A story and a poll. You decide how the story should end. The question for the poll listed at the top of this blog is 'What Happens To The Enterprise Crew?' See the selections and make your choice. The winning answer will get made into caps.


  1. Wow!! Wonderful series Chris, you sure do some fine work.

  2. I think someone has hacked your yahoo account Chris, I just had a delete a suspicious link on the PO4 group posted by your account name. -Liz

    1. Yes. I had been hacked but resolved now. Those sneaky bastards. Always delete somthing like that, never click on it!

      Thanks for the feedback on here too. Always enjoy reading what people think.

  3. Your work is terrific, deserves more attention than you're getting :(

  4. So nice to see you ran with a caption that I might have suggested when I first commented on another earlier caption. I vote for the remaining natural women on-board the USS Enterprise to have to rally and save the poor hapless males from their fate. I seem to remember on the old animated "Star-Trek " there was an episode called " The Lorelei Signal ". In it alluring alien nymphs would lure unsuspecting male spacefarers down to a their world and drain them of their life energies ; then the men would transform into what lured them to their doom. Anybody recall the legendary Greek Sirens and what they did ?
    Fortunately, the Enterprise females were totally immune to the nymph's charms.


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