Just a quick update to apologise to any of my Yahoo email contacts (including any groups) that were spammed by me recently. My account was somehow compromised. My password is changed and issue resolved. The issues are happening with Yahoo quite a lot. The best we can do is try and keep on top of things.



  1. I've been wondering what YOUR group is. I've seen and loved your captions on here and Possession Obsession, but I've never been able to find the one by you. Mind letting me know?

    1. I'm Scattered across quite a few groups. I do a lot of photoshop faking too. I don't have my own group (as in I didn't start any) but contributed to many in the past. Since starting my blog, due to time constraints I haven't added anything new to the Possession Obsession group. But you will find examples of my work in Possession Obsession 1,2 and 3. And many thanks for the feedback. Always good to chat with visitors.

    2. Mind if I ask what other groups contain your work? =)
      Also, I was talking with Viv from possession obsession and I was told you made more than one bodyhopper video, the one I've seen is Gloria hopping, what is the other one?

    3. If you drop me an email to: drdestruct@yahoo.com we can discuss this further, thanks.


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