The cap clinic is open for business. Please reply to this post with any story ideas you would like to see realised in a cap. It is staggering how few people come forward to comment compared to the number of lurkers.

Now is your chance, tell me your fantasies. I'll pick my favourites from the selection and come up with something I hope you will enjoy.



  1. Love what you're doing with the clip from "Star-Trek ". That is a universe wide open with endless possibilities- Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Orions, Ferengei, and in The Undiscovered Country - a Shapeshifter. Female to male and back.
    As as fantasy, how about someone who gets trapped in a lingerie store and has find a way out after hours ?. Problem one, the mannequins guard the store after hours and don't like men especially.Problem two, the clothes on the dummies are alive !
    For what it's worth .

  2. I love anything with bunnies, and 'stuck' captions. ^^ the 'cun seal' is cliche. but always fun.

    1. I have to confess I have no idea what you just said but thanks for the suggestions.

  3. For the style of captions you do, I always love your female possession ones. Especially by Demonic Possession.
    Fantasy: A bodyhopper possess's a sexy female body, and returns to her college dorm to find she has an even sexier roomate. The bodyhopper comes onto her but she pushes away, he decides to possess her leaving the body he was in unconcious. The hopper then begins to make love to the uncosious girl, and when she wake up, he switches back. He repeats this multiple times until both females bodies are tired and sore. He then goes home.

  4. For you I'd say an alien race or demon using a pop-up add or computer virus to posses/infect people. Something of an "Oh? What's this... what's going on!?" effect.

    Or, option two, some kind of portal to the realm of lust demons has been opened, allowing them to enter our world in droves. Perhaps they would manifest themselves as leprechauns or rabbits? (Something to fit the season?) Hope these help :)


  5. A mother calls up a demon from hell and in exchange for being young again the mother allows the demon to possess her daughter for a month but the woman is tricked because when the demon possess the girl the demon turns her in to an egg in her own daughter's womb. In that month the demon ruins the girls life with lots of sex, drugs and drink. So when the demon leaves, the girl is pregnant with her own mother and has to start working as a stripper. You can put a moral lesson at the end if you want e.g. not to play with demons.

  6. here's a generic one, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. So a teen has had a obsession with his friends mother and his desire to be with her became to become her so he acquires some means to posses his friends mother once he does he enjoys her body and maybe confronts his friend.


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