Sunday, 25 March 2012

Alien Parasite

I don't know if there is much appetite for alien parasite/take overs but this is a simple one for now.


  1. I'm always in the mood for a parasitic mind controlling alien situation!

  2. sir, have made my wishes come true

  3. WOW!! Only just seen this cap, and its a masterpiece, thanks Chris! You ARE the best :) More please, lol.

    1. This may seem weird but could you Do a caption of Elsa from frozen getting taken over by alien spores that eat/replace her brain and plan on using her body, powers, and queenly authority to slowly, quietly prepare Arendele for an invasion. But before going about its evil plan the parasite decides that it wants a little time to enjoy the sexy, gorgeous, royal body it has just stolen and shocks some servants by ordering them to go retrieve the banished prince Hans and bring him to her chamber as soon as they're back in Arendele for what she's sure will be a "pleasant surprise". I'd like for you to use these images of Elsa

      and replace her eyes with these insect eyes


    2. Oops! I think I wrote that request as a reply to Mad Swappers comment by mistake and not the actual caption. My bad

  4. Okay now I've figured out how to add comments, sorry 'bout that.