Sunday, 20 November 2011

Homage To The Enchanted Penis

This is my own attempt to make a cap featuring the enchanted penis idea. I have seen caps by A Nony Mousse and Candy and really enjoy the concept. I love the chaning of colour for the different voices, different sides to the personality. I hope I do it justice and I hope that whoever came up with it doesn't mind me having a go...



  1. Master, that would so nice, to just surrender to your hard cock, have it make me do naughty things to you. I am getting wet just sitting here thinking of wrapping my lips around your stiff rod and my tongue lavishing every vein and ridge. To swallow your salty nectar would just fill me with warmth and joy. Please show me your cock Master.

    Your Pet Alexia

  2. Very neat idea, and an excellent caption :)