I look into the eyes of my friend. Staring up at me a hunger for sex, a craving for cock, this creature of wantonness and salacity, attacking my manhood. She rubs at my thighs, takes my stiffening member in her hands, works me harder, my dick springs up and she takes it in her mouth. An hour ago this was Alan, a flabby and frazzled old friend. He had been round the houses of all the old gang, looking for sanctuary. He had picked up a number of bad habits and bad debts over the years. Nobody was willing to help. All married and settled down, no room for an alcoholic junkie with unpredictable behaviour and unknown consequences. But as a newly divorced singleton, he felt I could be persuaded. The Elixer he called it. I've heard of it, naturally, but didn't really believe the stories. This was to be my payment for letting him crash. A moment of weakness and I agreed. He didn't waste time. Shakily he unstopped the vial and glugged down the liquid. He dropped to the floor but I was unable to react, stunned and curious I looked on as he tore off his clothes, skin bubbling and stretching. He put his hands to his face, covering it all, however, this allowed me to see that his hands were changing too. Fingers longer, more slender, nails lengthened. He leaned forward and long strands of dark lustrous hair came sprawling down over his hands and face. As he let go and flicked the dark tresses back, a new, smoother, hairless face could be seen. It was Alan, but female, like a sluttier version of his sister Gloria. As he stood up I noticed his now more shapely figure. It wasn't long before she took control and as breasts filled out her chest and the changes finished up, she slipped two fingers into her newly formed pussy. From nowhere she produced a scrunchy and tied back her hair and leaned towards me, pressing her breasts onto my groin, working my rock hard dick into mouth. I can't help myself. I am weak.


  1. Wow, I love the way you 'described' the details in this. One of your best first person caps imo :D.


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