Friday, 25 September 2015



I stormed into the house after a hard day's work. I was ready to confront my housemate Steve about his partying ways and that he owed me 2 months of his half of the rent. Most nights I'm lying in bed while he brings guys and girls back for some kind of crazy fuckfest. I try to blank it out but it usually goes on till morning. No. Enough is enough. I have to confront him.But as I put my keys on the hall table I hear a man moaning. It's Steve, he's in the living room, wanking no doubt. Wait. What? Is that a...girl? I hear feminine moans too now. Oh no not again. Right that's it. I burst open the door. To my shock Steve is alone, but he is lying naked on the floor, except for my ex girlfriend's underwear. Something weird is happening. Steve is toned, quite muscular but he seems to be shrinking. His cropped blonde hair is sprawling down from his head. He stretches on the floor and I hear audible cracks as his bones shift and crunch. I inch forwards into the room. As I do so my foot skiffs a small bottle, more like a glass tube. As it rolls over I notice a label that reads 'Elixer'. I have no idea what that is but knowing Steve, some kind of drug. Steve is face down with his hands spread on the floor. He seems to be gyrating, sort of dry humping the rug. His head flicks up and he looks me in the eye. ", Chris, can't see me like this! If you love Nora, you'll leave Now. Get out! Quick!" Why he was bringing my fiance into this I couldn't tell, but he shut his eyes tight as his face scrunched and shimmered and two long lashed wicked eyes opened. Head falling forward as his ass raises into the air. Perfectly formed cheeks now on display. Some more squelching and sucking could be heard before he looks back at me, reaching a smooth feminine arm, to reveal his bare chest swelling outwards and his chest was ballooning. Nipples hard as two large tits bulged out. "MMMM." she moaned in a soft and sexy high pitched tone. "Hey handsome. You must be Chris. I'm Stevie. I wonder why we're only meeting now?" She ponders for a moment, scanning her mind, "Ah, Steve was keeping me from you. Protecting your relationship, how cute. Well, I owe you rent and I've got a crazy idea for paying you back!" she winked.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


I look into the eyes of my friend. Staring up at me a hunger for sex, a craving for cock, this creature of wantonness and salacity, attacking my manhood. She rubs at my thighs, takes my stiffening member in her hands, works me harder, my dick springs up and she takes it in her mouth. An hour ago this was Alan, a flabby and frazzled old friend. He had been round the houses of all the old gang, looking for sanctuary. He had picked up a number of bad habits and bad debts over the years. Nobody was willing to help. All married and settled down, no room for an alcoholic junkie with unpredictable behaviour and unknown consequences. But as a newly divorced singleton, he felt I could be persuaded. The Elixer he called it. I've heard of it, naturally, but didn't really believe the stories. This was to be my payment for letting him crash. A moment of weakness and I agreed. He didn't waste time. Shakily he unstopped the vial and glugged down the liquid. He dropped to the floor but I was unable to react, stunned and curious I looked on as he tore off his clothes, skin bubbling and stretching. He put his hands to his face, covering it all, however, this allowed me to see that his hands were changing too. Fingers longer, more slender, nails lengthened. He leaned forward and long strands of dark lustrous hair came sprawling down over his hands and face. As he let go and flicked the dark tresses back, a new, smoother, hairless face could be seen. It was Alan, but female, like a sluttier version of his sister Gloria. As he stood up I noticed his now more shapely figure. It wasn't long before she took control and as breasts filled out her chest and the changes finished up, she slipped two fingers into her newly formed pussy. From nowhere she produced a scrunchy and tied back her hair and leaned towards me, pressing her breasts onto my groin, working my rock hard dick into mouth. I can't help myself. I am weak.