Sunday, 23 November 2014



Unfortunately, the data has gone forever now with little chance of recovery. This means that years of work (mostly fakes and caps) has been lost. I will continue to update the blog when I can (and if people are still interested in my work) but all past and current projects I have been working on have gone. These things happen, I'm very sad but it isn't the end of the world. In some cases it may mean a lot of work to rebuild what I've lost, but as for the blog, well, it is unlikely you will notice any difference.

-Chris Jones (AKA Dr Destruct)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014



My first attempt at using the X-Change pill as a plot for one of my caps. I don't know who originated the  X-Change pill story idea but I hope I do it justice. I have recently discovered the awesome X-Change blog with the tagline 'The fast-acting, temporary gender-swapping pill.' I'm going to have a go at these when the fancy takes me and I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 22 September 2014


This is my first proper attempt at a FMG cap. It is something I wanted to try and may do more should I find an audience for it.

Thursday, 10 July 2014



A few people commented that they would prefer to have the text and images together. I had been having tech difficulties doing this but now they have been resolved I thought I should stick up another version of this cap. So here you go.

Friday, 27 June 2014


 Here is a short story/extended cap which I hope you enjoy. B e sure to leave feedback.

Jason's eyes sprung open. Where was he? He felt something heavy on top of him. Rubbing his eyes he realised he was in bed with a guy who was snuggling up to him.Squirming his way carefully out from the man's tight grip, Jason slithered out of bed from under the sheets. The man's arm flopped and he grunted a little but was otherwise undisturbed. Jason looked down at himself, all he was wearing was a pair of cut denim shorts. His scrawny male body no match for the muscular hulk snoozing in the bed. The elixer had worn off again. It wouldn't be safe for this guy to catch Jason like this. There's no way he could open the door to make a quick escape. It would waken the whole street. That thing squeaked so loudly.This also meant the bathroom was inaccessible. The only option was for Jason to reach for his back up supply and change back before whoever he is there wakes up again.

Jason hated himself for giving in to a moment of weakness last night. He'd been feeling useless and depressed about his life. She always had more fun and excitement. Jenny always knew what to do to make them both feel good. Jason was always looking for the right girl but never found her. Jenny looked for any guy and always found him. Last night this giant of a man took a shine to her in a nightclub and one thing led to another. Jason enjoyed drinking the elixer and letting his worries wash away. And he certainly did that last night. But he must focus.This time it was a health and safety issue. He had to change back. He reached into Jenny's handbag and pulled out a small vial of pink gloop. Downing the contents he stood there waiting. The empty container fell to the floor as he stood there waiting.

His skin tingling, he rubbed himself all over. He watched as his hands and fingers changed shape, fingers becoming elongated and nails lengthening. He wasn't very masculine to begin with, but his features didn't so much become less masculine, rather, more feminine. Hair rubbed away from his body and hair grew longer from his head, sprawling downwards. His nose buttoned up looking cuter and his eyes widened, his entire face morphing into the sultry minx the world knows as Jenny. Shaking and shivering but trying not to make any noise, the changes intensified. His hips widened and his legs became more shapely. He could feel something happening inside the shorts. He knew his new pussy was forming and could feel the transformation completing. Letting out a loud moan, his companion seemed to be rising from his slumber. "Not...nnnggghh...just yet...nnngghhh!" he whispered hoarsely. Cupping his nipples he felt his chest stretch and swell as two perky breasts bulged into existence. "MMM I'm back. And just in time too  it seems." she slinked over to the bed. "Morning stud" she winked and slid back into bed beside her latest conquest. Reaching a slender hand under the duvet she gripped his stiffening member and squeezed. "MMM...Sausage for breakfast I think."


"Come on in boys, the water is hot! Just like me! *GIGGLE*" Jeff couldn't understand why his sister Katie was acting so out of character. But his buddies were glad to see their usually stern and demure chaperone letting her hair down. And much more. She had been randomly hopped as the gang arrived at the hotel for their group vacation. Stanley the middle aged hopper wasn't going to waste any time as he jiggled his new boobs and got the attention of every guy.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


The camping trip had been a bit of a washout. The guys were playing cards as the rain pelted off the canvas. Cody was shaking around inside his sleeping bag. "What is he doing man?" Asked Craig. "Dunno." answered Peter but he continued "Last I saw he took that piercing he bought in the market and got into his sleeping bag." The other lads looked at each other. "Is he whacking off in there? Jeeze!" wondered Scott. The piercing had attached itself to Cody's belly button and began to change him physically. The shaking quickened and became more vigorous. Eventually it stopped. The guys were speechless and then, emerging from the sleeping bag a sexy female voice screeched "Surprise!".



Saturday, 31 May 2014


"What's going on here?" Peter asked as his ex wife was masturbating furiously on the floor. "Oh baby, I'm so glad you're home. I'm so fucking horny and I just can't stand it!" Peter looked confused. "Jenny, you don't live here anymore. We're divorced!" Jenny's head tilted to the side as she thought for a moment. "Shit! Sorry dude I didn't bother to check my facts. This chick remarried. But since I'm here. How about helping me out here." Her voice was deeper and unfamiliar but Peter wasn't going to refuse. He didn't know what was going on here but soon discovered a new friend and fuck buddy. Cameron was a body hopper and the pair soon struck quite a friendship. Cameron was always looking for some convenient cock.


As usual Gary headed over to the professor's house to grab a shower after football practice. The professor lived next door to the college. The professor wanted his help with some experiments and paid well, so Gary didn't mind helping out. Of course he didn't realise that the chemicals pumping out of the showerhead were quickly transforming his entire physiology. As the 'water' ran over his skin it began to morph and stretch. His muscular male body shrinking and losing definition, his hair lengthening. A curvy figure growing from this jock's original frame.  The professor zoomed in on his hidden camera to see the final stages of the transformation. His favourite part. Two massive breasts ballooned out from Gary's chest. Gabby was here and much more intelligent than Gary. Although Gary was clueless, Gabby winked to the camera and gave the professor a little show. She was much more useful to the professor. MUCH more useful, performing extra duties with pleasure (or is that in pleasure?).



Was going to make this a cap but it ended up being too long so it is now a very short story.

It was too late. My girlfriend's little brat of a brother had just jumped out of the en-suite shower room and even with a towel covering his modesty managed to snatch the necklace out of my hands. He was running around the room with it. "Hah its mine now. You'll never get it! Just what I've always wanted." he mocked. "Give it back you little shit! That is a surprise present for your sister. The lady in the shop said nobody but Lucy can wear it!" But he didn't head my warnings and it only spurred the teenage troublemaker to put it round his neck. As the boy sat down on the bed, the necklace clasped shut on the chain, it started to glow."Hey Mike I can't get it off now. It won't...I feel..." Eddie was rubbing his temples as his train of thought meandered. His mousy wet hair began to sprawl down his back and he had a fixed expression on his boyish face. It was ever so slightly melting into a softer more feminine appearance. Eddie held his hands out, inspecting them as his fingernails lengthened. His arms so smooth and his skin rippling gently but continuously. I rushed over to him pushed his shoulders back and pulled his face to me so I could get a better look. He stood up, the towel dropping to the floor. He grinned and flung himself at me, leaping up so I could catch him. "Eddie what the ...?" Everything about him was reshaping and changing. I set him down onto the floor and he started to convulse. Shaking and shivering his body parts morphed and shifted. His ass cheeks plumped out a little and his penis shriveled away. I couldn't believe what I was looking at but could not take my eyes of him. A perfectly formed and somehow shaved pussy formed where his penis had just been. He looked up at me and put his arms around my neck. I looked down at him and his nipples were bulging from underneath and protruding into my own chest. Jumping up and wrapping his now smooth and shapely legs around me he squeezed me hard. The bulges pushed outwards, growing and swelling and to finish it off a couple of kinky piercings appeared through his nipples. I could feel my cock harden. And so could he. "This is mine now." he said in a sweet cute little voice. He was referring to the necklace."You naughty boy. This was for my sister so she'd fuck you silly. We'll. I'd like to fuck you. silly!"

Friday, 30 May 2014





"Oh.My Gawd. I'm like totally horny n shit" Caitlin slurred as she swaggered into Ian's bathroom. Their flirtatious housemate had always been a prick tease so Ian and Jake decided to cast a possession spell. Ten minutes earlier Jake had been transported in spirit form to Caitlin's location and then made his way back to their house. She had managed to score herself some vodka and Jake wasn't used to that much alcohol. "Jake? It worked then?" Ian asked hopefully. "Duh, yah! Why don't you take a closer look!" and she squealed as she popped open her top to reveal her perky tits, thrusting them in Ian's face.




On a mission to gain more confidence and a strong identity, androgynous boy Leslie (even his name is ambiguous), takes extreme steps. Securing a supply of the notorious 'Elixer' he has invited his best friend Jack to watch the changes.Writhing on his bedroom floor he squirms and shudders as his flesh manipulates and contorts. Bones cracking, skin stretching, voice breaking, hair growing, ass plumping, dick shrinking..."MMMM. Hey Jack...I'm not a boy anymore. Wanna see what I got?" As Leslie pulled her top up, two massive breasts jiggled free.


I thought I'd try my hand at some more animated caps. I have a few that I gathered up previously but the image software to make them into caps became corrupt. Now resolved, I hope you enjoy. More to come. I do love feedback and will take requests (provided I can find the right images).

Sunday, 27 April 2014



I love reading comments and it helps me decide what sort of captions to do next. So please do comment.