Friday, 3 August 2012

What Do You Think Of It So Far?- 'Rubbish!'

You may or may not get the Morcambe and Wise reference in the title. However, feedback is very important. So I'm asking those who visit and are able to do so, to leave some feedback.  If you can leave a comment on the caps, it gives me an idea of what is appreciated and what is not. If, as some of you have mentioned, there are technical issues when trying to comment. Tell me about it.  If this is happening to you, then please email me or comment on this post, and let me know so I can sort it.

Many thanks to those who have left feedback both on the blog and over Yahoo Messenger already. I really appreciate your thoughts on my work. I'll be attempting some new ideas and a few 'firsts' in terms of subject matter. I have a keen interest in many areas of TF. So I'll be venturing into those depths soon. I apologise for not having been able to complete some of the stuff I promised. But I have to update the blog with what is feasable and what is workable and if I don't like something I tend to not use it, rather than stick it up because I spent time on it.

*UPDATE* I was able to add some reaction options, feel free to go back to older posts and comment and check whichever you feel is most relevant.


  1. Good series and excellent pictures. Reminds me of the old "Twilight Zone " series well known for a twist at the end of story. Please continue.
    There was a old Star-Trek story involving these gelatinous blobs that invaded some world and were killing the colonists. Kirk, Spock, and Dr, McCoy come up with a way to kill these creatures with light within sunlight that nobody sees. Imagine if these creatures could switch genders instead. That would be erotic I think.

    1. I think I know the episode you mean. Will go back and rewatch for inspiration. Consider it a request ;) Thanks for your kind comments.