Saturday, 28 July 2012



OK. Just a little F2F story with an Elixer theme. I came up with the story idea first here and then tried to find pics to suit my purpose. I love the idea of an old wrinkly lady becoming a really hot babe. I was going more for the glamorous granny to voluptuous hottie here. Anyway I hope you enjoy.*EDIT* I fixed the dodgy text in the 2nd pic. Hopefully easier to read now. Best viewed when you select 'view image'.


Hi everyone. I have been super busy. Haven't had much time to deal with any requests or to post much in the way of caps. When I get the chance I will post some material I have been working on. I have several things going at once and haven't finished any of them.  I'll throw in a few single caps and short sequences. Unfortunately, life takes over and we have to scratch a living. More work, less play. But when I get the chance you'lle see some more from my depths.


Sunday, 8 July 2012


This is a 3 cap story I did circa 2007. I recently found it and decided to add it to my blog. I had to fix the images contrast etc a little but you can see my very basic original style there. I also added my current watermark. I hope you enjoy this archive piece.