Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I don't often offer lengthy descriptions but here goes...

OK. So I'm not sure how well this one will go down. It's kind of a weird one. Continuing my theme of capping TG feminized fakes of volunteers, I have again chosen Steven/Liz. This is a totally fictitious setting (obviously!), But I'm using a version of Steven that is in complete contrast to his regular personality. Maybe if you think of it as kind of Bizzaro Steven. I wanted to show that the elixer can corrupt even the most aggressive and masculine of humans and make them into the seductive and feminine creatures we know and love from the various caps out there. Anyway it’s a very basic (and dirty) story and I hope I have not offended anyone. All feedback is welcome. Including any (constructive) criticism.



  1. Wow!! Now this is an involved caption! Very nice work Chris, and more importantly...thank you :)

  2. *runs my fingers through the hair at the base of your neck* MMMM I have missed you Hun, this and the Secret Stone are really good stories. I like the idea of that enchanted cock that turns unsuspecting guys into crazed cockwhores. *giggles* That is a wonderful story......*kiss*