Thursday, 29 March 2012


UPDATE: New Stuff On The Way

Due to the positive response to my first alien parasite cap, I'm in the process of making some more. This will be in the style of a photo comic. It will take a bit of time to put together so please be patient. I can drop a hint that it is loosely relating to the Stargate SG-1 universe. A lot of what goes on there will be ignored and I shall be twisting it to fit my 'Dark Depths'. I will be posting a teaser image shortly, but have no timeframe in mind for completion. I shall do a simple and short cap series in this style and see how it goes. Once I have the basic elements it will mean I can reuse images and hopefully turn out more stuff quicker. If anyone has a suggestion of a scenario they would like to see played out involving alien simbiants drop me an email ''


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Alien Parasite

I don't know if there is much appetite for alien parasite/take overs but this is a simple one for now.