Sunday, 20 November 2011

Getting Ready (For Emily)

This is for Emily. It's just too tempting for Enrico to resist becoming her.

If He Knew (For Argus)

This one is for Argus. I just know that Evie gets a perverse pleasure out of Adam's agony, even though anything that happens to him will ultimately affect her. I imagine she has a plan to compromise Adam's identity and force him to become her against his will more often, if not permanently.

Homage To The Enchanted Penis

This is my own attempt to make a cap featuring the enchanted penis idea. I have seen caps by A Nony Mousse and Candy and really enjoy the concept. I love the chaning of colour for the different voices, different sides to the personality. I hope I do it justice and I hope that whoever came up with it doesn't mind me having a go...


UPDATE For November

Hello everyone. This has been a busy month. Unfortunately, events in the real world, have affected my work here. Not necessarly bad stuff.  Good stuff and some bad stuff, but ultimately time consuming stuff, have meant that I have not been able to commit as much time and energy for the blog as I would have liked. I appreciate those who have commented and recognise all praise. I have been feeling uninspired captionwise and have been browsing other blogs for ideas and inspiration. I have some updates, new caps which will follow this message.